Last weekend Ryan, the Team Leader here at United Faith Mortgage, was able to visit our partners at 104.9 The River and Ohio’s Youth for Christ Ministry. When we started this journey, we were looking for a radio partner that held the same core values as our family operated Christian Mortgage team…once we listened to 104.9 The River, for us, there was no other choice. Since July, we’ve been sharing our story with River Listeners in Columbus, Ohio and the surrounding areas. Simply put, we are an arm of a large mortgage bank/direct lender honored with approvals from the top three government agencies, therefore, we can provide mortgages as quickly and efficiently as the other large mortgage banks, but we do it with faith based small-team personal care.

Upon arrival, Ryan was greeted by Craig, Josh, Bill and the extraordinary team at The River. After speaking and working with this team for so long, it was a great to finally meet in person. Truth be told, we consider Josh the DJ to be a bit of a celebrity here at United Faith. Ryan got the grand tour of the station and then got to work in the studio with the team to perfect our message. Ryan also got to be driven around in the 104.9 River Car, (pretty cool), and visited Ohio’s own Piada, (NY seems to be lacking in the Piada department). He boasted so much about the good eats that we all feel we need to join him on his next venture…we are not only a mortgage team, we are foodies as well!

Before going to his amazing dinner at The Barn Restaurant, the River Team took Ryan to Youth for Christ Ministry where he met Teri Alexander in person and received the grand tour. As mentioned in our previous blog, the United Faith team is honored to be able to contribute to this very worthy cause. We have YFC’s link on our Charity Page and a link to their website if you would like to learn more about this very worthy cause and see the positive impact they bring to many young lives.

We would be remiss if we didn’t send a big shout out to the listeners of The River…we have been blessed to “meet” so many of you and look forward to being a continuing part of your Ohio community.

Blessings & Much Happiness,

The Team at United Faith Mortgage