So… what’s the difference between a direct lender and every other lender? And what does it mean for you and your family?

Here’s the main difference. When you call a broker, an average lender, or one of the many names you found when you googled – you actually get a middle man. There are lots and lots of people above them, and they have to get an ok from a big bank before they can approve you for a loan.

Basically, what that translates to is this: fewer people approved, fewer connections, and fewer answers.

That’s why we love being a direct lender. As a direct lender, we use our own money and get to make our own decisions. We’re a small, intimate company that’s actually an arm of a bigger company – so everything is backed up and reliable, but you don’t have to call three middle men to figure it out. You talk directly to us. Which means… easier, quicker, more approvals, and often times – a better rate.

We’re a company-family of 14 people, and we like it that way. It lets us help people like you. We listen to your stories. We look at all the options. If we can’t find a loan that works for you right away, a couple of us huddle up and look for other options. Our top managers look. We never turn something down just because it’s not easy – because we aren’t just looking for the easy answers. We’re looking to help get you into the house you and your family love. We believe that’s what Jesus would do. So that’s what we do.

“Direct lender” is just a term – but we love what it means. Because it basically says, you can talk directly to the people who can help you. We get a lot of calls from people who are just looking for someone to trust, or who have been turned down other places because of their credit, their situation, or because they weren’t “easy.” And we love making the calls that say “YES!” to the ones who’ve been told no elsewhere.

We started because of one family’s dream – and now we work to help families like yours. So if you’re looking for people who share your values, and who also happen to be really good at mortgages, and who will remember your name – call us. We’d love to help.

Ryan Veracka

United Faith Mortgage Team Leader