Who Benefits from Fixed Rates

Are you someone who doesn’t like surprises, especially when they pop up in your wallet? A fixed rate loan is the best option to lock in a low rate without constant worrying about fluctuations. With United Faith Mortgage, rates and payments remain stable, making household budgets easier to manage. In fact, the interest is amortized, making your 15, 20 and 30-year goals consistently aligned with your mortgage payments.

Fixed Rate Loan Benefits

  • When inflation causes some mortgages to rise, your rate remains the same.
  • The stability allows household budgets to be wary of fewer surprises. The great news is that your budget is more likely to stay on track.
  • Simple to understand and follow, this option is perfect for first-time homeowners otherwise distracted by lending jargon.

Competitive Loan Rates, Fixed Rate Options

It depends on when you get into the market. Without a fixed rate loan, you could watch your interest rate rise over the term of the loan. A fixed interest rate avoids likely pitfalls of loans in which an interest rate floats higher and lower with the shift of the housing market.

The United Faith Mortgage Advantage

First-time homeowners appreciate the work we put into demystifying home financing. In each step along the way, United Faith Mortgage has proven to be a community partner and an honest answer to those seeking solutions. Our loan officers are only a phone call or short drive away.