You’re the full package.

You’ve got prowess in the real estate realm – you’ve spent hours upon hours getting to know your area.  You know how to set a price that sells a home and helps your client financially.  You’ve built connections and experience that your client couldn’t even put a price tag on.  You know every line item and contract term and negotiation in the book – and you’re good at it.  Really good.

And you’re not just good on paper.  You walk into a home and you see potential.  You’re an artist, and this is your canvas – you know how to do it all, from picking a new paint color to how the pillows should be arranged, to make this house look, smell, feel, ask to be someone’s new home.  After your touch, that house is worth more than your clients ever dreamed it would be.  And you know how to market the heck out of that masterpiece. Buyers flip through the gorgeous professional pictures you took and immediately think, “Yes, this is my dream home.” That sweet homeowner could have never done this without you – and you know it.

And every time that sold sign goes up, you smile. Because this is what you do.  We could ask the last 20 or 200 clients that you had – and they would say the same thing:  you’re amazing.

Here’s why we’re talking to you:  we’re also good at what we do.  And we want to work with realtors who value the same things we do—honesty, a job well done, and caring for our clients even beyond the status quo.  We’re a Christian mortgage company focused on faith, family, and giving our absolute best.  We get mortgages done fast.  
For the best rates (because of our Direct Lender power).  
We’re easy to get a hold of.
And we’re insanely, weirdly organized to make our realtors and their clients life — EASY.

You need a great mortgage company in order for your clients to have a great experience. We need great realtors like you who are good at what they do and want the best for their clients.

We think we’d be a great team.