On behalf of our United Faith Mortgage Family, we wish you and yours a very Happy and Healthy New Year!

It’s a fact that the number one and two resolutions every year are related to fitness, physical and financial. They both have a common core, which is when you are not financially sound; it can absolutely affect you in a negative physical way. Unfortunately, being in debt affects you mind, body and soul.

Our United Faith Mortgage team would like to use our expertise and experience to help you climb out of debt, purchase your first home, consolidate and/or obtain the financial fitness you deserve.

Renting vs Home Ownership: Rents continue to rise with inflation making it harder to save. Once you’ve determined that purchasing a home is right for you, (having a steady source of income and some savings), you may be able to keep more money in your pocket by purchasing a home rather than renting month to month. There are mortgage incentives for first time home buyers that could prove to be advantageous as well. Also, the big news over the past several months have been about mortgage rates on the rise.

Home Equity: Equity in your home is simply the amount you owe compared to the home’s worth. The past few years have been kind to home values and you may be surprised at how much equity you actually have invested in your home. The equity in your home can be used to refinance in an effort to pay off credit card debt, put a child through college, make home improvements, etc.

Mortgage Rates: Yes, it’s true, rates have creeped up a bit, but as explained in a previous blog; they are still pretty low. The mortgage rates today are not going to push home buyers out of the market, and there are many home owners that just couldn’t qualify for a refinance before, and they can still reap the benefits of a refinance. Also, when considering paying off debt, what interest rates are you paying on your credit cards? Again, the rates are presently not as low as a couple of months ago, but they are certainly not very high either, which represents a stronger economy. As interest rates rise, savings will end up paying you more over time as well and more money in your savings account could offset higher mortgage rates.

Make a Change: Would have, could have, and should have. Yes, several months ago you didn’t take advantage of the lowest rates possible for whatever reason; you don’t want to look back next year regretting not taking advantage of today’s 2017 rates. Whether it physical fitness or financial fitness, sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest and best step of your life.

Lastly, the United Faith Family has been blessed with your support and we plan on giving back with many fun contests and sweepstakes, like our Big Coloring Contest in Columbus, Ohio on 104.9 The River. Stay tuned and check out our Facebook Page to keep updated!

Many Blessings for you and your families in 2017 we hope you…

Feel God in every gentle touch.

See God in every happy face.

Hear God in every caring word.

Receive God’s blessings every day of your life.


Peace & Love,

United Faith Mortgage