Watching my daughter play house makes me wonder how early we really start wanting our own place. We’ve dreamed of owning a home for what feels like forever. And then, the moment comes, and it’s more than just picking out your dream kitchen (sadly – I know.) It takes time and well, money.

Thankfully, money is kinda my thing. My kids are going to have multiple piggy banks. And spreadsheets. Ok, maybe not right away, but you get it. I get trying to create a home – and I get trying to pinch pennies. And that’s why I work at a Christian mortgage company.

I’m blogging because I want to talk to you – yes, YOU. Mom sitting over there dreaming of a bigger place, a kitchen with a dishwasher, a play room for the kids. Mom who still wants to host good dinner parties without spending a fortune. And finally get that stain out of your carpet. Let’s get that dream, girl.

So, new homeowner tips. Here are the top three tips I wish I had thought of when I turned the key on my first home:


  • Ok, while we’re talking about keys. First thing I did was lock myself out within a week. Don’t be me. Change the locks for safety before you move, and then make spare keys for the people you trust. People who will bail you out when you and your 3-year-old are camping on the porch.


  • As in, before you put all your toiletries under the sink… just check for any dripping. It will save you money on water, sure – and it will also save you that last-minute trip to CVS when your entire morning routine is sopping wet.


  • Here’s where the cost-effective side of me really comes out. If you have an unfinished attic, check the insulation. There should be about 6 inches everywhere, depending on where you live. It may seem like no big, but fix up whatever is damaged or missing. It could save you plenty when the bills come.
  • Seal up air leaks. No girl needs a drafty living room. Or to pay extra for a drafty living room. And you’d be surprise how much money goes out through old windows and cracks. Energy savings from reducing drafts can generally save 10% to 20% per year.

Fun fact: some federal energy tax credits that were set to expire in 2014 were extended to 2016. So if you made any energy upgrades before December 31st, you should definitely check if they qualify. See a little more explanation here. Makes our favorite time of year a little better, huh?

I’ll stop there for now, but rest assured there’s more tips to come. We’ll make this house a home yet.


The Christian Mortgage Mom