Choosing a Christian mortgage lender is in some ways like supporting any business that has similar standards to your own – except it’s more.  Because unlike any other business, you trust them with your money – something that will greatly affect your life and your family.  And when it comes to your money, you want someone to handle it with the same Biblical principles that you do.

We believe that at United Faith Mortgage.  As a Christian mortgage lender, we not only help you get the loan or refinance that you need – we treat you like we would treat our family, because we believe we’re a lot like you.  The United Faith Mortgage team was founded on the Golden Rule: do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  That especially applies to how we help you handle your investments.  We are a family business – so we’ve positioned ourselves in a way that we think will help your family the most.

Here’s why we think our Christian mortgage company could help your family:

  • Getting out of debt.  We all know debt is something we want to avoid, both from a Biblical and financial standpoint.  And we’re really good at finding loan and refinancing options to help you get out of debt, avoid debt, and still make it possible to get your dream house for your family.
  • We’re personal and flexible.  We kept ourselves small so that we could offer you the most personal attention and really work for the best options possible.  We’re a direct lender, so we do our own underwriting to cut costs for you – but we’re backed by a bigger company that gives us the same power that you would get at a big bank.  Minus the price tag.
  • We don’t just pick easy wins.  If you’ve been told no before, if you feel like your situation makes it impossible for you to get a loan, call us.  If we don’t see a way as soon as we pick it up, we don’t toss your request aside – we gather every set of eyes we have and we look for the best solution possible.  We’ve had great success – and nothing beats calling you up after a long day to tell you that we can say yes when you were expecting a no. It’s what we work for.

A Christian mortgage lender should be just that – people who have a quality offer, who can help your family, who ask “What would Jesus do?” before they ask, “Is it easy?”  And if you’re looking for a Christian mortgage lender who will stand by you, whether you’re buying, selling, or refinancing – give us a call.  We think you’ll love our team at United Faith Mortgage.



The Christian Mortgage Mom