How many times have these words been spoken to you… “This is your last chance”.
This is your last chance to clean your room, Timmy.
This is your last chance to see your cousins before they leave, April.
This might be our last chance to vacation as a family before the kids leave for college.
We could go on forever.

But as a Christian mortgage lender that worries about going deeper with our clients… there’s one more “last chance” you must consider.
Because this almost certainly is YOUR LAST CHANCE TO REFINANCE.

About 3-years ago, mortgage rates reached an all-time low.  Like “Holy wow… these are James Earl Jones voice-tone low.”  And our Christian mortgage team has spent the last few years helping thousands of awesome people refinance their mortgages… saving massive $$$s monthly… and for some, cashing out the equity to use for other real-life things (kitchens, debt, college tuition… you get it).
In the last year though, rates have started to go up.  A fair amount.  And reports are showing that they will probably go up twice more here in 2017.
So again… we say to you, friends… this is almost certainly your last chance to refinance.

A friend of mine was on Expedia recently looking to book his dream vacation.  He found the place he wanted, and at a decent price.  But he decided to wait to see if it would drop.  And over the next 45-days, it only went up.  It cost him hundreds and hundreds of dollars.

If you’ve let the last 3-years of world-record mortgage rates go bye, there’s good news and bad news:

  • Bad news first:  Like my friend, you’ve probably missed some monthly savings already.
  • Good news:   If you haven’t re-financed in the last 3-years, we probably can still save you a good chunk of money, thru one of our many refinance options.  


Our Christian Mortgage Team is different.  And we like it that way.
Learn more about us.  And how we can take this “last chance for you to refinance” and make it end good for you.


Ryan Veracka

United Faith Mortgage

Team Leader