There are a lot of reasons that we like being a Direct Lender, and mostly we like the many ways that it benefits you.  When we say “direct lender,” most of the time we have to explain what we mean.  And we don’t mind.  It just furthers our point that we offer something different than the average lender. That being said, we want you to know what a direct lender can mean for you and your family!  Here’s a few reasons you might like that we’re a direct lender:


We eliminate the middle man.  Being a direct lender means we get to work with you, directly.  There’s not a line of people above us we have to go through.  And you don’t have to get transferred 20 times to get an answer.  Being a direct lender allows us to approve more people, make more connections, give more answers, and do it all faster for you and your family.

We use our own money.  Which means we get to make our own decisions.  We’re a small, intimate company that’s actually an arm of a bigger company – so everything is backed up and reliable, but you get to talk directly to us.  For you, that often translates into quicker approvals at a better rate.

We’re built on family.  We’ve all been in this together from the beginning – we have a small, 14-person team, and we like it that way.  It helps us help you.  We listen to your stories.  We remember your name.  We look at all the options – and if we can’t find a loan that works for you right away, we don’t give up.  We huddle up.  Because we love to make the call that says “YES” after all you’ve heard is no, just because you weren’t “easy.”


Sound like the kind of people you’d like to work with?  We usually get calls from people who really just want to talk to someone they can trust – and we’re all about earning yours.  So if you’d like to work with a lender who thinks like you and has the same values and family principles, give us a call!  We’d love to help you get your family’s dream home.




The Christian Mortgage Mom