If you’re at all like me, you love to host Holiday parties… but you also love to avoid fire hazards.  I’ll string my house with a million lights any day – but we all need to be aware of the best ways to celebrate safely, especially when we have so many loved ones around. Here are some common holiday fire hazards a few quick ideas on how to avoid them this year!

Top Holiday Fire Hazards and How to Avoid Them:

1: Christmas Trees.

Both the best part of Christmas décor and the part that needs the most care.  If you have a live tree, remember that it is wood and can be a fire hazard. Make sure you’re watering it every couple of days, keeping at least an inch or so of water in the base.  Trees that dry out can catch fire quickly.  Make sure you unplug the lights before bed or leaving the house, and keep all greenery away from fireplaces, heaters and the like, especially while unattended.

2:  Oven Fires

We all cook a lot more over the holidays.  Make sure you give you oven and stovetop a good cleaning beforehand to avoid unnecessary hassle.  If your oven should happen to catch fire, keep the door CLOSED and call the fire department.  Opening the door will only feed the fire oxygen.

3: Overloaded outlets

Like the classic scene from A Christmas Story… it’s easy to overload your outlets and zap nearly everything in the house.  But even more than leaving you in the dark, overloaded outlets can be a fire hazard.  Watch how many extension cords you’re using.

4: Lights

They’re everywhere for Christmas, and my personal favorite — but also one of the most common holiday fire hazards. Always check your lights before you use them and replace them every couple of years. Fraying light strands can easily overheat and catch your tree or mantle on fire.

5: Baseboard heaters.

Be careful not to cover the heat outlets in your house as you rearrange.  Not only will this make your house a bit more chilly (brrr) but it can be a fire hazard if it is electric and overheats behind your grandma’s sofa.

6: Childproofing.

Not quite a fire hazard… but dear to my heart.  We love our kids and don’t want anything to happen to them in the bustle.  Keep your breakable and smaller ornaments away from the bottom of the tree.  If you’re like me and love a beautiful tree and still want it to look balanced… look into the plastic, faux-glass balls to replace your glass or ceramic ones. Fill them with gold glitter or paint them to match your style.

Remember to use baby gates and caution, as little kids will still love to pull at anything lit up. Keep lights, candles, leftover party food and Grandpa’s medicine pill case out of reach.


We hope this helps you get your house ready to host your best Christmas party yet – without the fire hazards.  And if you’re still looking for the perfect home, give us a call – we’d love to help.  Enjoy the season and Merry Christmas!




The Christian Mortgage Mom