Fixed Rate Benefits Now

Refinancing at any stage in the life of your loan can offer financial relief and options for your future. If you do it right, your monthly payments can be lowered, loosening the strings in your budget for small desirables like dinners out and shopping trips. Even large items such as investing, retirement or education funds can be considered and a fixed rate loan is the best option to lock into a new rate.

Refinancing Benefits

Of the loans offered by United Faith Mortgage, rates and payments remain the most stable, making household budgets easier to manage. In fact, the interest is amortized, making your 15, 20 and 30-year goals consistently aligned with your mortgage payments. Consider the many benefits:
  • When inflation causes mortgages to rise, your rate remains the same.
  • Make additional changes to your loan, possibly lowering your monthly payments and shortening your loan term.
  • Build equity with higher monthly payments to pay off the mortgage early.

The United Faith Mortgage Advantage

Homeowners seeking options to reallocate their monthly funds appreciate the work we put into making the transition process smooth. In each step along the way, United Faith Mortgage has proven to be a community partner and an honest answer to those seeking solutions. Our loan officers are only a phone call or short drive away.