There are many reasons you should get a buying agent, but if you’ve never done it before, you may be unsure what their role exactly is.


3 Simple Reasons to get a Buying Agent:


  • They will represent you fairly. A seller will almost always have a selling agent, so it helps tip the scales in your favor to have an agent represent you as well. Have your buying agent call their agent to set up appointments and the like, instead of doing that yourself. They’ll also help you understand contracts and details that can be overwhelming.
  • They usually get paid by the seller. And a buying agent doesn’t get paid unless you buy. Which makes it a very low risk to actually hire one. You usually do sign a contract, but these kind of agreements can be terminated if you later feel you can’t work together. A contract just clearly states that you aren’t working with another buyer agent at the same time – which would be unfair to both.
  • They are familiar with the housing market and neighborhood landscapes. Don’t be afraid to use your buying agent’s expertise! Ask questions about how long the house has been on the market, what the neighborhood is like, what contingencies are important and which ones aren’t. They’re a wealth of knowledge, and can really make a world of difference in making a good decision in the housing market.


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