The best part.

When you find that special home, the best moment is not seeing where the new big-screen will go. Or the updated kitchen. Or the sprawling backyard.

It’s taking your kids upstairs to see their brand new room.

If your family is thinking “new home” or needs a pre-qualification, we hope you’ll consider us. We’re always available. We do all the work. And we have some major direct lender advantages that allow our clients to potentially reap the rewards of lower rates, quicker closings, and ultimately money saved for your family.

Loan Types


Stability. No fluctuation or scary jumps in your payment. Making it easy to budget…and plan for your future. Get the lowest rate and payment possible, and then trust it won’t ever go up.


Adjustable rates can save you some NOW money with lower rates & payments. And can be a good option if you plan to stay in the home for less than 5-7 years. Or if rates are high and almost certain to fall.

Arm Loans are fixed for a time and then adjust based on current rates. So they can be really advantageous. And should also be approached with wisdom.


If you have lower credit than you’d prefer or if you’re looking to put the minimum of 3.5% down on a home purchase, the government-insured FHA loan is an amazing option. Usually, a Conventional Loan requires a larger down payment, but can help you pay less each month, even if the rate is the same.

What do I qualify for?
How much should I put down as payment?
What are the different loan types?

The key is considering the ENTIRE situation of your family. And making the wisest decision that you feel good about. We think you’ll find that our recommendation will be safe, sound, & trusted. And that we’re only fighting for you.

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