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Not every situation is the same.

A younger veteran integrates back into home and starts a family. Lets give him every advantage he deserves. An older veteran wants to make some changes to his home or build a new one. He fought for us. We want to fight for him. An older widow has worked her whole life… she’s tired… she deserves some advantages.

There are so many loans. For so many situations. We’ve worked hard to learn these advantages and to be able to apply them wisely to the right circumstances. We’d be happy to do the same for you.

Loan Types

A Veteran and his family deserve the best. And we’re specialized in a handful of ways to maximize options made available to veterans. And oh how we love to help Veterans… they’ve sure done so much for us.

This is not the Reverse Mortgage program of old. There are a number of options today, that if used in the RIGHT situation, can change the life in awesome ways for our slightly older friends.

Cash out the equity in your home to do some awesome. Pay off debt. Take a vacation. Pay for college. Or put in the dream family basement.

For big loan amounts. Without having to split into two loans. And still having flexible loan programs.

Awesome loan options for homes in rural areas. Potentially even 0% down.

For those interested in investing in real-estate… we can be a quality partner, using our Direct Lender Advantages to support you.

Buy a home. And work renovations, upgrades, and even appliances into your loan. Fixer Upper excitement.

Purchase a rental property with multiple units… and secure us as a Loan Partner who’ll be exactly that, a partner for you.

We won’t pressure.
We despise pressure.
And we’ll never recommend anything that isn’t obviously fitting and wise for your situation.

We’ll provide the options. You decide what’s best for you.

Sound like a fit?

We’re Faith, Family and Focused on you.
Tell us a little about yourself here, and we’ll follow up with you as soon as possible.

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