How do you choose the right neighborhood for your family? It’s Valentine’s Day, and we all know that love makes a house a home – but it’s often the neighborhood that makes a home one that you love.  It’s a big decision, and there are lots of factors – only you can really know what the best is for you.  But the key to choosing the right neighborhood comes down to asking the right questions – and here’s what we think are the most important.


Will You Love it Questionnaire / Choose the Right Neighborhood Cheat Sheet:


Question 1:  What’s the Crime (Rate)?  It might steal your heart, but will that house be worth it?  Best to be sure.  Urban areas often have crime reports online for easy access, and if you’re seriously considering buying into a long-term relationship with a house, contacting the local police department is also a great idea. They’ll be able to give you plenty of information on the community you’re interested in.

Question 2: Do you like their friends?  Take a spin around the neighborhood.  What does it feel like?  Are people friendly and houses well-maintained? Do people speed by on the road? Are there lots of vacant homes? If anything seems off in the neighborhood, you may want to look elsewhere, even if that house was a pretty one.

Question 3: Will it be a Taxing Relationship? Yep, we went there. You’ve probably considered your mortgage payment, but don’t forget to factor in taxes. If the taxes will cramp your lifestyle, you may want to consider another neighborhood.

Question 4: How’s School (Systems)? If you have or plan on raising kids in this house, it’s always worth it to check out the school system for that area.

Question 5: Commute, Parking, Lifestyle? Do you like to walk to the store or take your kids to the park?  Then you may want to check out nearby amenities, coffee shops and trails.  Is it a 45 minute commute?  You may get tired of that every day.  Do you have people over a lot? Then you probably don’t want a place that doesn’t have a ton of available parking.  It’s all about compatibility!


While no house is perfect, we hope this helps you choose the right neighborhood to fall in love with! If you have any questions or are looking for a lender, give us a call.  We’re faith and family oriented, and we LOVE mortgages – so much so, we really work hard to get the best one for you and your family, even if you’ve been denied before.  Happy Valentine’s Day!




The Christian Mortgage Mom