When you clean your house for showings, especially when you have limited time before – what do you do first?  Living creates mess, especially if you have kids. You can’t do it all – so what do you prioritize?  Here’s some quick tips to help clean your house without getting as stressed.

  • Bathrooms are key. Replace older fixtures and make sure things are deep cleaned.  If you can, designate a bathroom or two that your family will use – and avoid using the others.  This will save you cleaning time in the event of a last minute showing.
  • Check the trash. Grab the bathroom ones especially on your way out the door before a showing, and try to swap out open ones for ones with lids.
  • We always recommend putting away personalized items, like your family portraits. It’s hard to put family pictures and your kids’ art away, but I like to think of it as creating a clean canvas of your home – so that another family can imagine themselves loving this room.
  • It might not be something you think of, but smell can be a huge factor in a buyer’s perception. Think about what you’re cooking on days you know you have a showing and avoid super strong scents like garlic or bacon.  Candles and room sprays are never a bad idea either!
  • When I straighten things up I often forget about the floors, but they make an impression. When you clean your house for a showing, think about getting your carpets cleaned and take some time brightening the grout in your tile and shining the wood on your floors, especially in the kitchen and dining areas where food is prepared.
  • Go through your closets especially.  People look for space and storage – so if it looks like you’ve run out of both, they are less likely to see themselves living comfortably.
  • The 5 Minute Clean Rule: Keep quick cleaning tools like magic erasers handy in the bathrooms and kitchen space.  Things you can grab, wipe, and stash in about 30 seconds.

Look at your house like it’s your first time in it.  We hope our tips help!  Best of luck on selling, and if you’re still looking for a new home, give us a call!  We’d love to help!


Much love,


The Christian Mortgage Mom