If you’re getting ready to sell your home, you know the stress of making sure everything is clean, tidy, and fresh looking before a showing.  It’s easy to envy those perfectly styled homes you see in that home magazine subscription you just pitched. So, in an effort to make it as easy for you (and your wallet!) as it can be, here’s some great ways to stage your home on a budget – but with that pro flair.

Stage your Home on a Budget with Simple, Powerful Choices:
  • Fresh flowers. Maybe you love this and do this already. Maybe you’re reading this and thinking you’ll stop by the dollar store for some vases later (I actually love the simplest glass ones I find there, if you’re wondering.) But honestly, spending $15 on some fresh flowers placed strategically about your house is one of the easiest most inviting ways to make it look fresh and loved. Put a vase on the table, or a single stem and some greenery in the bathroom, and see how different it feels!
  • New towels and bath mats. You might feel like you have to renovate to make your kitchen and bathroom look spectacular. However, you can achieve a great “new” feel by simply changing out your towels and bath mats. Not just freshly washed – but run out and buy a few brand new, quality towels. Hang them up and change them out with the ones you would normally use before a showing, and then put them away until the next showing.  It’s a handy trick and a great way to stage your home on a budget!
  • Start packing early! Less is more. One of the things you’re trying to do is make your home seem as spacious and bright as it possibly can. Try packing up all your off season clothes and making more room in the closet. Store extra books and blankets and kids toys in boxes in the garage or attic. Not only does this give you a head start on packing, but potential buyers will see lots of space for them to fill when they walk through your home!
  • Blank Canvas Décor. That’s right, take down your more personal items. When you’re staging, you are basically setting a blank canvas for your future buyer, and you want to eliminate anything that reflects a certain lifestyle or personal choice that isn’t theirs.  Put away family pictures, college diplomas, collectors’ items, etc, and instead highlight extra space and more detached items like simple vases, mirrors (catching the light is always great!) and art pieces.

We hope these tips help!  Your home will look beautiful!  Good luck with your sale, and if you haven’t found a lender for your new home yet, give us a call!  We’re a Christian Mortgage Company that values the same things you do – faith and family. We’d love to help!




The Christian Mortgage Mom