You’re about to show your house, and you’re rethinking your space. Do you have a corner you don’t know what to do with?  Or a spare room that is a little mixed up?  Never fear. There are lots of ways to turn that extra space into the part of the house that your buyers will love the most!


Game Plans for Extra Space


The Reading Nook

Ideal for those corners you don’t know what to do with.  Try moving a small comfy chair into the little space under the steps. Throw a blanket over it and set a book on an end table. Any reader walking through your open house would see a corner they would love, not an awkward space they don’t know what to do with.


The Studio

Is your second bedroom currently half storage, half office?  A lot of our extra space gets a little bit of a split personality. Choose a direction, and stick with it.  If you have an art bent, turn the space into an office / studio.  Imagine how someone could see themselves working in a space, and create a fun studio space that a buyer will love.


Yoga / Gym

If you have an active lifestyle, you know that keeping on top of things can be hard.  Creating a home yoga studio or gym out of your extra space can be a selling point instead of extra space.  Try to keep it minimal.  Place a yoga mat or two and create a clean, breathable space.


No matter what direction you choose to go, remember to stick to 3 rules.  Don’t let a room have a split personality – give it one thing to do.  It’s hard to fall in love with a nursery doubling as a home gym. And then stick to the D’s – Declutter and Depersonalize.  Minimize the extras, whether that’s furniture or storage organizers, and take down personal knick-knacks and photos.  You want it to be a blank canvas that buyers can paint their lives over.




The Christian Mortgage Mom