Keeping Everyone Engaged while Sheltering at Home

Many of us never thought it would be possible to reach the end of the internet or see every friend’s post on Facebook or Instagram…until we were largely homebound for weeks on end. Many of you have stayed busy with helping the kids do homeschool, or transitioning to WFH (work from home). But as the days have turned into weeks and months, you’ve exhausted all the things to do.  And with no little league, school year’s ending, and the constant barrage of “I’m bored,” you have to find new ways to keep everyone engaged.


Puzzle Exchange – you’ve probably done puzzles and finished any that you have. Find nearby friends and exchange puzzles with them. To keep up your physical distancing, just put them in a bag and drop them off on the porch.

Game Exchange – same as the puzzles…find games that you can trade with other families.

Online Zoom Cards – Did you know you can physical distance and still play card games like euchre or hearts? Find a site like Trickster, pick a multiplayer game, invite the other players through Zoom, and you can all play cards together if you split screen Zoom and the game website.

Yard games – As it warms up, see what games you have in the garage, or order some for delivery. Corn hole/Bags, croquet, bocce ball, badminton, can jam, four square, or Frisbee are all games that can be played in a reasonably sized yard or a nearby green space while keeping distance from others.

Chalk art – I’ve seen some incredible artwork on sidewalks and driveways as I’ve walked our neighborhood. The chalk, if you don’t already have some, can be purchased at local grocery or drug stores. Create an art gallery where everyone in the family has a square. Have neighbors walk by and judge them or post to social media. Leave the chalk out and ask people to walk by and leave a birthday, anniversary or graduation message for a fun and easy distancing celebration.


Whatever you do, do something! Keep home a place of love, fun and positive memories for the future. And share these ideas with your friends!