The number of lists you can look up online that say “Moving Tips” is frankly enough to make any mama hyperventilate.  But moving day must come, and we’re still desperate to make it as easy as possible – so what moving tips should we actually heed?   I hear your plea, moms out there.  So I’ve gathered a few of my favorite tips to hopefully make the big day a little easier.

Audrey’s Favorite Moving Tips:

  • Pack an essentials bag for each family member.  It’s sometimes hard to remember that you’ll be living in a little bit of chaos in the beginning, and having an overnight bag packed for yourselves and each of your littles will help keep you sane –  instead of digging through 5 boxes to find the toothpaste at 10:45pm. Throw some extra clothes in there (especially for messy littles!) and pack them in your car instead of the van, so you can find them later.
  • Create a numbering system for boxes for each room. If you like lists, you’ll love this. As you pack each room, number each box and label with its destination room, and keep a list of how many you have.  For example, “Kitchen #12” is the label, and your list says there are 14 kitchen boxes – so everyone knows where they go, and how many there should be at the end of the day.
  • Change your address a week or two before you move. This will insure your mail starts getting there about the same time you move in, and you won’t have to go pick up a package at your old place next week.
  • Remember to take the garage door openers out of your cars. The people moving into your old house will thank you.
  • Take pictures of how your electronics are hooked up before you unplug everything. This is a lifesaver when you’re not very techy and trying to put them back together later.
  • Pack a bag of cleaning supplies for day of needs. Things can get messy on moving day.  Be prepped to do quick clean-ups with paper towels and some basic cleaning supplies on hand.
  • Defrost your new fridge before you move in. A day or two in advance is great, so you can give it a good cleaning before moving day.  (And throwing some snacks or sandwich supplies in there after is always a good idea too.)


Hopefully these moving  tips save you some hassle!  We know it can look crazy at the beginning, but we know you’ll do great. Go moms!  And if you have any questions about a mortgage for that perfect new place you just found, give us a call – we’re faith-based and family-oriented, so we care about the same things you do.



The Christian Mortgage Mom