Whether you’re pursuing music, following the scent of fried chicken, or relocating with your family – Nashville has so much to offer!  We recently “moved to Nashville” when we joined the WAY-FM family here, and we must say, we love it. So we thought we’d share a few highlights on Nashville. You might just want to move if you weren’t already planning on it!


Nashville for Newbies:

  • My dad used to love taking us kids on nature walks, so parks have a special place in my heart.  Nashville has some great parks to explore.  Whether you’re bringing your kids, hiking alone, or planning a walk through botanical gardens with your sweetheart, Nashville has whatever outdoor excursion you desire.
  • When you have kids, the school system becomes an important consideration while moving.  Thankfully, Nashville schools have a great reputation, and you can find good options in both city and suburban areas.  For tips on how to choose the best neighborhood for your family, check out our blog here.
  • Nashville is ranked #12 on the Forbes Best Places for Business and Careers, and #9 in Job Growth.  It’s also a center for the healthcare and banking industries. Bonus if you’re in one of those job categories.
  • Fried chicken. If you’re on the hunt for fried chicken, you won’t have to look far, but be warned – in Nashville, it’s served HOT.  If you think you can handle spice, you may want to start out slow.  Try Prince’s Hot Chicken Shack.  The line tells you how good it is – they make their chicken to order in cast iron.
  • Bet you didn’t see this coming… Music! If you love live music, Nashville is the place to be.  From the Country Music Hall of Fam and Museum, to the classic Ryman Auditorium, to the Nashville Opera and Ballet – you’ll never lack live entertainment.


Have some recommendations for people moving to or visiting Nashville?  Feel free to share with your suggestion!  (I’m looking at you, WAY-FM listeners).  And if you need a loan, give us a call!  We’re a Christian Mortgage Lender centered around the same things we think you care about: faith and family. (And a little fried chicken, when possible.)  We’d love to hear from you!




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