Moving is stressful… and without being organized, it can be downright chaotic. But where to start?   Here’s some tips to help you stay organized during a move!

If you like apps, try these!

  • Sortly. You can compartmentalize your house by room, by boxes, by… nearly anything! This app boasts checklists, being able to photograph items and categorize them by location, etc. It have varying plans depending on your needs, but a single user can try the free version and catalogue up to 100 items on a device.  See if you like it!
  • LetGo. You can also Craiglist and Facebook Market, but there’s no harm in adding this nifty app to your arsenal to sell items you no longer need or don’t want to move.  It’s simple and easy to post!
  • Flying Ruler. For $1.99, you’ll never be without a ruler again! This handy dandy app helps you take measurements by moving your phone from one end of an object (think sofa, doorframe, etc!) to the other.
  • MakeSpace. It’s like self-storage, with help. You book an appointment, and movers come with bubble wrap, free bins, and pack and haul your items.  They keep your things at one of their storage facilities until you schedule an appointment to get it back.  You can even request one or two items if you don’t want the whole lot back just yet.  Perfect for downsizing or temporary living situations!

Keep an open box for each room.  While you’re packing, if your family is anything like my family, you’ll find items all over the house that should have gone in “kid bedroom 1” box… right after you finished that room and spent time taping down all those cardboard flaps.  Try leaving one open, unsealed box in each room for the odds and ends you’ll find later!

Keep a “Moving Binder.”  It can be hard to keep track of all your contracts, receipts, phone numbers, and lists. A binder is great, because you can keep all that in one, easy-to-reach place… unlike the junk drawer we all just want to dump in the trash, but know there’s an important receipt in there somewhere. You can also keep important school and medical records on hand for each kiddo if you’d like!

Label and Number your boxes, and make a corresponding list. That way, you not only know where the boxes go once you get to your new home, but you’ll know if a box is missing, or how many boxes were supposed to be where.  If you only have Kitchen 1 and 3, you’ll know you have to hunt down Kitchen 2.

Try Evernote. If you have multiple people packing, moving, and checking lists… how do you stay up to date with each other?  Try a note sharing app like Evernote or Google Docs.  This will allow you all to see the edits being made by each user, no matter where you are!

And the most important… Pack a moving day essentials box.  The last thing you want when you’re ready to fall into bed after moving is to have to dig through a million boxes to find your kid’s toothbrush.  Pack a box or to-go bag with everything you’ll need for the first day or two!

We hope these tips help keep your move as happy and organized as it can be!



The Christian Mortgage Mom