Moving with kids is always an adventure – so how do you pick a home that will fit your life with your kids?  We picked a couple of our favorite suggestions on what parents look for in a home to make sure it fits their lifestyle.  Check them out!


  • Sidewalks

One thing all parents look for in a home is a quieter street – nobody wants their kids chasing a basketball into busy traffic.  But something else that sometimes gets overlooked is whether or not there are sidewalks. Countless summer evenings can end in sidewalk chalk masterpieces and family walks – so it’s something we recommend parents look for in a home as well.

  • Mud Room

One of the rooms my mom loved in our house growing up was our mudroom.  It was combined with the laundry room just off the garage, and it allowed us kids to chuck our dirty shoes and socks exactly where they needed to go before we traipsed through the living room.  Parents, keep in mind – entry way space will get cluttered.  Pick your battles.

  • Sight Lines into yard

Window placement is key for the wary mom.  Being able to keep an eye on their kids playing in the back or front yard is something parents look for in a home.

  • Layout of Kids Bedrooms

Depending on the age of your kids, decide how close you want the master bedroom to be to their bedrooms.  When they’re little, remember that you’ll probably make several trips to their bedroom in the middle of the night – so decide how many times you want to run up a flight of steps, or down a long hall in the dark.

  • Storage

This is a big one.  Storage is a key thing that parents look for in a home.  Not enough closet space?  A tiny pantry with a teenage boy?  No garage space for outdoor games and bikes?  Keep in mind what you can live without, and what space your family will need.  No one knows your family like you do.


We hope these tips help you find the perfect home for you and your family!  If you have any questions about a mortgage, we’d love to help!  We’re a Christian Mortgage Lender that is faith-based and family oriented, like you.  Give us a call any time. We look forward to it!




The Christian Mortgage Mom