Don’t stress when you pack. We’ve dug up some tips to help you move as easily and quickly as possible – and we started with the things you love.  So let’s dig in!


For the plant lover:

When you can’t fit your plants… ship them!  It sounds crazy, but if you can’t fit your plant babies in the car, shipping is one of the best options!

  • Pack your plants in a disposable plastic container. This will save you from having to ship heavy planters.  Avoid putting them in a plastic bag – this can cause root breakage or worse, overheat and cook the roots.   Don’t forget to pick the right size box; you want the plastic container to fit snugly in the bottom so it doesn’t tip over.  Water it the night before so that your plant is damp and set to travel!


For the tech lover:

Need some help when you pack?  Try an app!  Some of the top one’s techies love:

  • Let’s you organize your house by room, and take pictures and catalog each item.  You can also purchase a plan that allows three users to catalog unlimited items.   Not only that – it gives you a two week free trial.  See if you like it while you pack!
  • Downsizing? We’ve heard great things about this app!  Comparable, easy pricing allows you to measure and get a storage estimate nearly instantly – it also allows you to find those things by picture if you want to pull them out of storage.  Pretty cool, huh?


For the fashion lover:

So you’ve decided to move and you only want to pack half of your closet?  No worries.

  • Would you like to donate? There are fantastic organizations to donate your clothes, your spouse’s clothes, and even your kid’s clothes.  Goodwill and The American Red Cross are some of the big names that are virtually everywhere.  Another tip is to look up options that are local or organizations that are doing something you love – we found Dress For Success, a non-profit seeking to empower women across the globe.
  • Would you like to sell? There are lots of ways to resell your well-cared for clothing and make a little on the side to help with your move!  We like ThredUp – as you go through your closet and pack, set some stuff aside that you never wear.  Someone else will love it!

We hope this helps!  If you still need a mortgage, give us a call!  We’re a Christian Mortgage Lender that puts the same things first as you do – faith and family.  We’d love to help you!




The Christian Mortgage Mom