What area will be best for you to move to?  It’s easy to hop on the internet and daydream about the homes you see there. But how do you narrow your search? We have some great questions to ask yourself in order to help you pick the best area for you!


How long would your commute be? Some people have patience or schedule to allow a long commute, others don’t. Don’t just look at the miles between.  Try driving the route during rush hour or whenever you would normally be taking it before you make your decision.


What are the taxes like in the area? This is something to factor in on top of your mortgage payment and utilities. Some areas may be great, but the taxes could take a toll on your budget.  If that’s the case, look for areas just outside of neighborhood you’re looking at! You could be 3 streets over and paying far less.


What school system does it fall into? If you have kids or are planning to have kids, this is something to consider!


Are grocery stores close to home?  The same goes for any basics that you frequent. Living in an area close to a grocery or hardware store really comes in handy.


Is the culture what you would like?  There might be nothing wrong with an area per se, but you don’t feel at home. Why’s that?  The culture and tone of the neighborhood really can play a huge role in whether or not you like it.  Think about the pace of living, the restaurants around, the type of jobs available.  What other people love may not be your cup of tea, as the saying goes. But another area will have that special touch that makes it home.


Good luck on your home search!  We know you’ll find a great area to hone in on. If you need help, one of the best resources you can have is a good realtor. They know the areas around you and can listen to your needs! We have a list of realtors who’ve partnered with us and are a great place to start – check them out here!




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