Tis the season for hosting your family and out of town guests! Some people love it, and some people stress.  But honestly, it’s simple to impress people by just paying attention to the little things. Nobody expects lavish treatment, but here are a few hosting tips that you’ll think are simple, and your guests will think are fantastic.


  • Always have snacks. My mother used to set cheese and crackers on our kitchen island nearly every time someone would come over, and it’s one of my favorite hosting tips.  Why?  Because it gives guests something to munch on if they’re hungry and creates a place to gather, while giving the host time to finish cooking or setting the table if people arrive earlier than expected.
  • Have the WiFi password and water handy. This comes from all my travel experiences – when you have overnight guests, show them the space they will be staying. If they’ve travelled a long ways, they’ll probably want a few minutes to regroup.  So here’s one of my personal favorite hosting tips: have water bottles and the WiFi password on the dresser or somewhere else easily seen.  It’s a really simple thing, but every time it’s been done for me, I’ve felt very well-cared for.
  • Have extra. What does that mean?  Grab an extra tube of toothpaste, an extra deodorant, an extra toothbrush and throw them in the linen closet before guests arrive.  Just stock a few of the little things that guests might forget, that you can have stocked so no one has to run out in the snow in the evening for something small.
  • Ask about allergies. Especially if there are new people coming to dinner.  One of the most important hosting tips is just being aware if there is anything particular that a family member or friend has to avoid, so that you can have something prepared or let them know ahead of time so that they can bring something to supplement the meal.


Take a deep breath.  It can be hard sometimes to not rush around the day of the event.  Try to schedule your day so that you have a few minutes to breath before all your guests arrive!  This season is a time to slow down and celebrate, not add to the crazy.  Yes, there are things you have to do when you are hosting, but just make sure that you haven’t forgotten that this time is for you too.


Blessings and joy to you and yours!


The Christian Mortgage Mom