How to Beat the Summer Heat at Home

While our customers are all over the US, we know many of you are experiencing a HOT summer! Places to cool down like pools and water parks are closed or have limited admission, and many indoor activities are cancelled or restricted; buying a pool or other ways to stay cool are sold out in many places, so you are left finding ways to beat the summer heat at or near home. Here’s a few ways that you can so you can enjoy the summer!

Early mornings or late evenings – you’ll find life a lot cooler if you avoid the heat of the day. Take your pet for a walk or have the kids play outside early – it’s surprising how much cooler it can be at 7 or 8am, or even at 9pm at night. Depending on the activity, get out of the house early and enjoy!

Water Fights with household objects – you may not have the latest mega squirt guns or water balloon launchers, but you can use household object to have a ton of your own fun. Sponges, plastic buckets, plastic cups, pool toys can all be used to get the most splashes on other family members. You can also find spray bottles at the grocery…fill them with water and you have a mister or water gun!

Snack on Frozen Fruit – sometimes the food you eat can help keep you cool! Instead of regular snacks, try frozen fruit…either freeze fresh fruit yourself or buy the frozen fruit at the grocery.

Shaded Activites – it is amazing the temperature difference when you do things in the shade. If you don’t have a lot of shade at your home, find a place nearby that does. Parks, wooded walking trails, public areas with large shaded covers all provide lots of space to be outside but to be a LOT cooler. Or if you are needing to be somewhere that isn’t covered, try taking a large umbrella and make your own personal shade.

Garage Play Area – You might have to clear a few things out or make sure dangerous things are out of sight (gas cans, yard tools), but the garage can be a shady place for playing, roller blading, skateboarding, chalk art, etc. Add a fan, and the environment can be quite cool and be a fun way to have the kids play outside without all the heat. Or a place where you can read a book while the kids play in the sprinkler in the hot yard.

Get creative with your home…and make sure you stay safe and hydrated!