Independence Day Ideas

Backyard cook-outs, games on the lawn, parades, sparklers and of course, to top it all off…FIREWORKS!

Yes, that is what many Americans think of when we say 4thof July or Independence Day. The birth of our nation culminating in the formal adoption of the Declaration of Independence (Need some 4thof July party trivia to win family bragging rights? The declaration was actually voted on July 2nd, before it was formalized on July 4. John Adams held onto the July 2nddate until his death…on July 4th50 years after its adoption).

But this year, your community will likely feel some differences. Perhaps no picnics bigger than 10 people, no parades, and the worst – No Fireworks! What’s a family to do?

Here’s 4 ideas to help make the 4thfeel more normal or perhaps create new traditions that can continue long into the future. Thanks to Country Living Homefor some of these great new ideas.

  • Take Virtual Tours of Museums and Historical Sites– Because of a lack of access currently, many museums and historical sites have created free virtual tours. Find a home of a founding father, see sites in Boston or Philadelphia of historical significance, check out exhibits in the Smithsonian or Museum of Natural History. You never know what you might find…and it could become a future vacation destination!
  • Read Aloud the Declaration of Independence– we have all this historical revelry, but do we really know why? Get a copy of the Declaration of Independence (online or order one) and have the kids read it aloud, or share the duties with each family member. Remind yourself why we aspire to be a great country and how we can continue to put our freedom into practice.
  • Write Names or Draw Pictures with Sparklers– As it gets dark, break out the cameras and the sparklers, and write names or draw pictures in the air and take a video of it. You can even search your app store for a long exposure app (free or paid) and it will capture the entire name or image in one picture. Then you can send it to a far away friend or family member to let them know you’re thinking of them!
  • Virtual Fireworks?– There are some cities nationally that are doing fireworks programs, live mixed with past images and live music (see Boston or Nashville), that can be watched online or on TV (check your local stations). Some cities are even doing drive thru light displays set to patriotic music. And a few communities are still doing fireworks. Search your local area before you determine there’s nothing, and you might be surprised as to what you find.

Have a safe and happy 4thof July, make some new traditions and God bless America!