Thinking of staying home with your Valentine instead of going out? Here’s our best tips to make it cozy and add a little spark!


Scent-mixing. Yeah, we’d never heard of it either! Basically, it’s when you buy multiple candles in complimentary scents to create a unique scent for your home! Try something classic like Mint and Eucalyptus, Lemon and Rosemary, or spice things up with Rose and Cardamom. Candles can be romantic and cozy, and impress your date when you tell them why you picked what you did!


Rearrange the furniture. Create a cozy nook for you and your Valentine that they wouldn’t expect. Pull the sofa close to the fireplace. Create a cheeseboard to put on the coffee table. Have some chocolates in a bowl.


Blankets and Pillows. Maybe you and your partner fight about how many blankets or pillows go on the bed, the couch, the chair – sometimes what feels like EVERYWHERE, haha. Stack them the way they like them! Put an extra throw blanket over the couch where you plan to snuggle. Buy them so cozy socks.  Your Valentine will feel all warm, inside AND out.


Have you decorated? One thing that couple’s struggle with when they move into a new home is… what do we hang on the walls?  The things you used to have might not fit the space right. We get it. A fun idea for Valentines is to get a few of the frames or décor items you’ve been eyeing. One popular company, Smallwoods, has great large photo printing options that come already framed in cute wood frames. Get your wedding pictures done, or pictures of your kids. We’re sure it will make Valentine’s Day special, and every day you look at them after!


Happy day to you and your Valentine! Take a deep breath and enjoy where you are together. And if you’re looking to get a new home for you and the love of your life, reach out to us! We’ll have you in a new place that you love in no time.




The Christian Mortgage Mom