Is buying a fixer-upper really for you?  We’ve all seen Chip and Jo transform a disaster into a classy Texan homestead, but there’s a few things to consider before you go HGTV on your new home.


  • Why do I want a fixer-upper? Ask yourself why you’re looking into a fixer upper. Do you want to flip it for a profit? Did you find a great neighborhood with a house that needs some love? There are legitimate reasons that a fixer-upper could be a great option for you, but all renovations have some ups and downs and knowing your “why” makes it easier to press on. If you just want a “fun project,” a fixer-upper might not be for you.
  • Think about the size of the project. When you think of a fixer-upper, do you think of a major overhaul? Or a home that just needs some cosmetic changes? A real fixer-upper is a long-term project – if you’re looking for something less time-consuming and unsure, tell your agent you’re interested in homes that may need some cosmetic updates, but not an overhaul.
  • Where will I live during renovations? If at this point you know you want a fixer-upper, this is the biggest thing to consider! We don’t recommend living in the home you’re renovating. Besides everything being covered in a layer of dust no matter what you do, your rest and sanity depend on having a quiet and relaxed place to retreat to – and a reno project is not that!
  • What is my renovation budget? You generally have three larger sums to consider – the money you spend on renovations, your mortgage, and the rent for whatever space you live in if applicable. Make sure you’re realistic and get several estimates before you begin!
  • Do I have connections I’m confident in? This is huge – if you’re handy and you have a contractor you trust, you’re in a great position for a fixer-upper. If you’re not sure who to turn to, do some research! Trusting the person working for you is a major factor in the smoothness of your renovation – and your sanity, if we’re honest.


We hope this helps you decide if a fixer-upper is in your future! We support you whatever decision you make! And if you’re looking for a loan to suit your needs, give us a call! There are even loans specifically for fixer-uppers that we can tell you about.




The Christian Mortgage Mom