What it Means to Be a Faith and Family Company

You hear it in all of our marketing – that we are a faith and family mortgage company. But what does that mean, really?

Here are three hallmarks that we whole-heartedly believe make us faith and family.

  • Love God and Love People: Jesus said that the two most important commandments were to one, love the Lord your God, and two, love your neighbor as yourself. And you couldn’t have one without the other. So one of the ways we show love to God is to show love to our neighbor. And in our world, anyone who decides to connect with us is our neighbor?
  • The Golden Rule: Pretty simple – “treat others the way we would want others to treat us.” It’s important to us to provide the same family-quality service to you, no matter your gender, your ethnicity, your household income or your situation. Once we start a conversation, you are welcomed here.
  • Respect: We come from different backgrounds, may have distinctive beliefs, and celebrate unique traditions. We might pronounce words uniquely or have uncommon funny phrases to describe life. New York to California; Texas to North Dakota. High rise cities to sprawling suburbs. Rural farmland to 40-story office giants. These differences don’t divide us…they unite us. We believe in respecting and embracing our differences – enjoying them and learning from them.

We welcome you to join our family and our company. Be kind, be loving, be safe.