Vacation Ideas in the Summer of Corona

Obviously, HOME has never been more important.
If you’re looking to upgrade or change where your family spends most of its time. Or if you’ve been thinking about taking advantage of the currently historically low interest rates to refinance your current home (seeking to lower your monthly mortgage). Or if you’ve been thinking about taking advantage of the reality that home values have gone up in recent years, leaving a bank of equity in many of your homes that you could cash out to use to upgrade the family home — our faith & family mortgage team would love to help.

But let’s not pretend — for many of us — we’re ready to get out of those homes a bit, and we’re thinking “vacation”.

If that’s your family, despite the unusual times, there are still a lot of opportunities and ideas if you just get a little creative. Obviously, if you have underlying health conditions, please use caution and check with your doctor before trying any of these ideas. Here’s a few thoughts to consider as you decide to venture outside and see the world…or at least the state!

  1. Day trips – If you are concerned about hotels or Air BNB’s, day trips will be your way to go. Open up Google Maps, type in a search term like hiking or boating and see what is within 2-3 hours of your home. You’ll be surprised at what other cities, landmarks, parks, museums or historical places you might find. If there’s not an all-day attraction that you can spend the day, bunch several activities together. Or do something on the way there or the way back. Many larger attractions are limiting visitors, so book now for later in the summer to make sure you can get a ticket. You may even want to explore things in your own city that you have always wanted to get around to doing. You can then come back to the safety of your own home every night…and get ready to go 2 hours in the other direction tomorrow!

  2. Outdoor is easier – Because of the fresh air and sunlight, outdoor events are having an easier time opening. Zoos, parks (state and local) are starting to open to the public. Might be worth mixing in a longer road trip as hotel availability and affordability is excellent right now. The really brave might consider some deals in air travel!
    National Parks like Yellowstone, The Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore, Acadia are all opening up and The National Park Service Public Health can help with details. Beaches and lakes allow for distancing and are becoming smart destinations. Amusement parks are still working on figuring out how they will open, so they will make more sense later in the summer as more details for families become available.

  1. Know what’s open – Of course you’ll have tickets for your destination, but make sure you know what’s open on the way AND at the destination. Are restaurants take out only? Are there restrooms available at the park you plan to visit or camp at? Are places that normally allow walk up business doing only tickets online? Don’t get surprised and do as much research as you can. Better to make reservations you don’t need then to have a long trip to a sold out attraction.

Have fun, stay safe and enjoy your summer!