Why are we talking about fall maintenance?  Because home ownership gets real when it comes to maintenance – and catching something early and keeping things in running order definitely pays off, especially during the holidays.  The last thing you need is something blowing up in your face right when great aunt Thelma is taking her pie out of the oven.


Here’s our quick list of what fall maintenance you should check today instead of tomorrow:

  • Tune up your furnace. It’s always worth it to make sure your furnace and heating system is in working order… BEFORE you desperately need to use it.  Tune-up maintenance for your furnace generally isn’t very expensive, and is certainly worth it.
  • Caulk windows and doors. It seems like a little thing, but a little maintenance can go a long way if you have a draft. Your heating bills will thank you for throwing a little caulk around the sneaky ways cold air gets into your house.
  • Check the roof and gutters. These are important because catching something early can save you a lot of money down the road.  Take your binoculars and scan the roof for loose tiles, and have your gutters cleaned to avoid creating a pond on your roof.
  • Get the chimney swept. The fireplace was the center of my family gatherings growing up – and if you have a fireplace, you should call a chimney sweep before you fire it up. Getting rid of buildup and debris such as leaves that get caught in your chimney can eliminate fire hazards before the holiday season.
  • Stock up on winter necessities. Nobody likes long lines. Go out and buy the salt, the shovels, and the firewood now.  Not exactly maintenance… but maybe will maintain your sanity.


We hope our maintenance checklist helps you prep for winter and the holiday season!  And if you’re still looking for that perfect home to host in, give us a call!  We’re a Christian Mortgage Lender that values the same thing you do – faith and family.  We’d love to help!




The Christian Mortgage Mom