When you or your family are moved to give to others… we’re guessing that it usually doesn’t go to the biggest, shiniest places.  It goes to the places that hit close to home – that hit your heart.

I guess we feel the same at United Faith Mortgage.  We feel blessed to have gotten to start this special “Faith & Family” focused arm of a much bigger mortgage company.  We’ve met family after family across the U.S., and while we do this job because we believe we’re good at it… we also love that we get to truly help awesome families get into awesome mortgage situations.

And because we feel so blessed, we want to give back as well—to the places close to our heart.

We believe it’s important to care for your circles of influence – so we started at home.  We give into a number of charities in our hometown of New York – like the largest hunger relief organization on Long Island.  Good people, who work in the not-so-glamorous things like putting a warm meal in front of people – and who are some of the most everyday heroic people we know.

Now we’re expanding our “home base” through radio – and we’ve heard so many of your stories, and visited some of your cities.  Ryan, our Team Leader, visited Youth for Christ in Central Ohio – an organization who pours into young people from diverse and challenging backgrounds, and gives them the ability to choose great life paths.  We began to support them because we believe in the same things.

That’s what’s so cool about our business.  We really get to know you, and as much as it might sound fake or cheesy – it’s true.  It makes our day to hear your voices, know your background – and realize that we can make your life even better.  That’s what gets us out of bed every day.

So we’ve kicked off something exciting – we’re calling it the Great Mortgage Giveaway.  If you haven’t heard of it yet, check it out here.  We’ve decided to give back to YOU – to the individuals on the other end of the phone.  We’re picking a family – and we want to pay your mortgage for a couple of months.  Just to say thank you, and to hopefully give you a break – so you can spend some time together and stop worrying about that bill.

So click it – we’d love to draw your name and give you a call.

Much love,


The Christian Mortgage Mom