Maybe you’ve heard about our Great Mortgage Giveaway – we’ve spread the word on-air with our Christian Radio Partners, and we want YOU to enter!

The Great Mortgage Giveaway is all about us giving back.  We feel incredibly blessed to be able to meet and help hundreds of families, and that’s only been growing thanks to listeners.  We’ve enjoyed sharing our story, and we’ve loved hearing each of yours.

With the Great Mortgage Giveaway, we are picking 3 families… and paying their mortgage for a month.  Because we believe in the same things you do – faith and family.  And whether it helps you catch up financially after some tough times, or allow you take your family on that dream vacation, we would love to free up your usual mortgage payment for something you actually want to do.

So what are you waiting for?  You can enter the Great Mortgage Giveaway through April 1st – we’d love for your family to be one of our winners.

And if you need any help with a mortgage, as always, we’re ready to help with that too!  As a Christian Mortgage Lender, what you care about is what we care about.  Just give us a call!




The Christian Mortgage Mom