If you’re looking to move, you’ve probably asked yourself a few things.  And then also thought… what have I not asked myself? We decided we would answer some of the most common homebuyer questions out there.  So whether you’ve asked it, or haven’t yet – here’s 5 of the top common homebuyer questions we hear.

Common Homebuyer Questions that we can help answer:

  • What homes can I afford? The first step in the home buying process is to get a pre-approval, which gives you an approximate on how much you could get on a loan, and can save you disappointment and time instead of roaming neighborhoods without a plan.
  • What should I offer? We all want to get the best deal possible, so people offer lower than the listing price, but usually within a reasonable 5%. If it’s been listed for a long while, you may be able to offer lower.  Whether an offer is accepted is always dependent on the seller, so there really is no rule of thumb, as every seller is different.
  • How can I tell if a home is a good investment? One of our easy tips is to check out comparable homes selling in the area. Have those prices gone up or down recently? You can usually gauge the home you are buying based on the real estate in the area.
  • How long does closing take? Once you’ve made a decision, it’s always hard to wait. Normally, closing takes 30 to 45 days after your offer is accepted, depending on your loan.
  • What are contingencies? Contingencies are clauses within your contract that allow the buyer to back out of the contract under certain circumstances and still get their deposit back. These vary, but an example would be that a contract contains a contingency that should it not pass a home inspection, the buyer could back out of the contract without any consequences.


We hope you’re feeling ready to go and with fewer questions!  We’re always here if you need us.  We’re a faith and family-oriented Christian mortgage company, so we value the same important things you do. Give us a call!



The Christian Mortgage Mom