I know… Clean with salt? Keep reading.

Everybody hates salt on the roads in the winter – but how about in your arsenal of cleaning supplies?  I’m always on the hunt for DIY and natural cleaners, but honestly some aren’t cost effective and even just too much work. (Do you hear me, moms?) Some recent poking around left me with a list of ways to clean… with salt. That’s right, normal, everyday table salt, that all of us have on a shelf somewhere and compared to retail cleaners, is basically free.  All natural? Check. Cheap? Check.  “Ok, you have my attention,” I thought.  Here’s the best of what I found. God bless you other mama’s out there – and if your kid eats it? Well, it’s just salt.


5 Creative and Insanely Helpful Ways to Clean with Salt:

  • Erase Water Rings. Wait… you can get rid of those?  If you have water rings on your wooden table, you can get them clean with salt and a few drops of vegetable oil.  Just combine a little salt and oil and rub the mixture into the ring, then wipe with a cloth. You can use Windex (or a natural version of Windex) to clean up any excess oil.
  • Clean your Drains. I used to work at a tea store, and we would regularly dump some chemical solution down our drains. Yikes.  You can clean your drains just as well by pouring a mixture of salt and hot water down them to deodorize and reduce buildup. Be gone, funky smell.
  • Coffee Stains. Coffee is the best, but coffee stains are the worst.  You can get those pesky brown rings clean with salt and a dab of dish soap to make a soft scrub. BONUS: Apparently if you swirl about 3 teaspoons of salt and a cup of crushed ice in your coffee pot, it will scour away the stains.  Plus, swirling it can count as your arm workout for the day. Check.
  • Takeout Blood and Sweat Stains. These are the worst, and I don’t know where this hack has been my whole life.  Soak blood stains in COLD saltwater, then launder and boil after. (Be careful and watch what types of cloth you can boil.) For sweat, mix 4 tablespoons of salt and one quart of hot water, and dab until stains fade.
  • Carpet Cleaner. When you’ve got a spill, blot with a paper towel and then pour salt on it to keep the stain from setting and soak up moisture. Leave it for a bit and then vacuum it up before cleaning with soap and water or your own magical concoction.


This almost made me forgive salt for the white powdery stains on my black pants.  We hope you can use them too and maybe find your own creative ways to clean with salt.  Use what your mama gave you.  And if you’re looking for the perfect house to clean and keep up with your kids in, give us a call – we’re all about faith, family, and finding a great home for you.




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