In the midst of the rush to get ready for Christmas, it’s easy to overlook some important things! We’ve got a few tips for having a kid-friendly Christmas, some that are practical safety precautions, and some, well… That we think will protect the hearts of little ones on a very special day. Take a look and let us know what your favorite tip is!

Home Safety for Kids on Christmas…

  • Avoid weighted stocking hangers. While they can be super cute, they can also be precarious. If you overfill the stocking, many of them struggle to hold up the weight, and even if they are heavy enough, a tug from a child can cause the whole thing to come tumbling down. For really little ones, that weight hitting them would be a holiday disaster. SOLUTION: use screw in stocking hooks, or even command hooks. If you hate the look, try stringing garland over them to complete your holiday feel and protect little heads.
  • Keep your ornaments safe. Buy plastic, shatter-proof ornaments to decorate the bottom of the tree and put your more fragile ornaments up high. Another great tip to make your Christmas tree kid-friendly is to switch out ribbons for the metal hooks that generally come with ornaments. This eliminates the possibility of a child playing with something sharp!
  • Don’t put presents under the tree until Christmas Eve. We know it can look festive, but there are a couple of reasons to hold off. First, little ones can get tangled or choke on wrapping paper or those cute ribbons if they get ahold of a present when you’re not looking. Second, this will save you from having to re-wrap any presents they may get in to! Win-win.


Our last few tips for a kid-friendly Christmas is a little closer to our hearts…

  • With all the hustle and bustle of Christmas, it’s important to remind our children of the importance of giving and selflessness. Find a tradition or game that allows your children to remember the true meaning of Christmas! Serve dinner to the homeless on Christmas Eve, or help your children put together gift boxes for kids who don’t have what you have.
  • Another thoughtful thing if your children believe in Santa is to make sure you label their more expensive gifts from Mom and Dad. For kids whose parents can afford as much, hearing that other children got an iPad from Santa while they got a puzzle can cause distress and doubt. The last thing any parent wants to hear is “Does Santa like them more?” Give the gift of sensitivity to other families who want their children to feel special too.


We hope these tips help you have the best Christmas ever with your families!  From our families to yours, we wish you a Merry Christmas and the warmth of knowing Jesus came to earth for all of us. And to all of you celebrating in the homes you bought with United Faith Mortgage as your lender, thank you for letting us be a part of your story!

Best wishes,

Audrey & the United Faith Mortgage Team

The Christian Mortgage Mom