Moving with kids can be stressful – but it can also be fun.  While it can add another layer of complexity to some things, including your kids and making the move something fun will create memories your family will cherish.  And we’ve got a couple of tips we’ve gathered to help moving with kids feel the best it can possibly feel.


  • Include them. All of us want to feel included.  Ask them what things they like best about each house you see, if you can take them.  Give them small but rewarding tasks on moving day so they feel helpful.
  • Have a moving sale. Need to get rid of some stuff before you pack?  Make it a game with the kids.  Pick something fun that the proceeds of the sale can go toward for the whole family – it could be anything from a trip to a puppy.  Let them pick some of their things to sell, and let them help organize and put price tags on.
  • Keep important things close. Especially if your kids are small, keep in mind what’s important to them, whether it’s toys or books or clothing.  Let them pack a bag to keep near them on moving day, so they don’t feel like they’re trusting all their treasures to the movers.
  • Get them excited. If your kiddos are having trouble understanding or being ok with the move, talk about it like a new adventure.  Holding a family meeting to discuss moving day, and planning an adventure to get ice cream or something fun after, is always helpful to keep the family on the same page.  Ask the kids about their new rooms – maybe take them to the hardware store and let them pick paint colors.
  • Have a party. If you’re moving a distance away, have a party to say goodbye to friends.  Make it fun, and make sure to gather contact information from the kids friends.  Maybe talk to their parents about a weekend trip to visit.  The kids don’t have to feel like they’re never going to see their friends again – make an effort to make them feel like their relationships are important to you, especially if they’re older.


Change can be hard.  Moving with kids can be hard. But ultimately, it can be fun and good – and when you get settled into that perfect new house for your family, it will all be worth it.  If you’re anywhere in the moving process and still need a lender, give us a call!  We get faith and family, and what’s important to you is important to us.

Much love,


The Christian Mortgage Mom