First time home buyers are arguably our favorite clients. There are few moments in life where the moment is so big and so beautiful that you remember all the details… And buying your first home is certainly one of those times.

I wish we could say the road to home ownership was an easy one.  But if you ask those who have walked that road, most would probably say… they remember the beauty, but also some tough pitfalls as well.

And so that’s where we step in.  We’re a “help you avoid the pitfalls” friend.


Check out our First Time Homebuyer Cheat Sheet:

STEP 1: Save.

The goal is to have saved about 3.5%-20% of the home you would like plus closing costs, as well as three months living expenses.  Yes, it’s tough.  But it’s also so worth it.

STEP 2: Budget.

There’s so much beauty in owning your own home.  Personal pride and enjoyment.  And long-term financial wisdom in earning equity and assets vs just losing money to rent.  But it’s not worth jumping into until you’re budgeted wisely and comfortably.  That peace is worth so much.

STEP 3: Find yourself a Mortgage/Lender Partner.

This is an important step.  You need to get a pre-approval letter from a Lender, in order for potential sellers to take you seriously.  We’d love if you choose us —  we’ll also use our Direct Lender advantage and the advantages offered to First Time Home Buyers to make sure you’re paying the absolute least for this new exciting home.

STEP 4: Pick out the home.

We’d certainly recommend a Realtor for first time home buyers.  You need to consider location, school districts, resale value, cost per square foot, negotiating, home inspection, contracts, home appraisals.  We could go on and on… you get the point.

You focus on the beauty.  Let a good Realtor partnered with a good Mortgage Partner focus on the details.

STEP 5: Go slow.

It’s easy to get excited about the emotions that rush with the thought of a new home.  But go slow.  Because feeling confident that it was a wise decision at the right time is a big deal.

Go over your budget once more with your mortgage payment plugged in.  And get details on utilities, homeowner insurance, real estate taxes, or any other specific costs you’ll need for THAT home.

STEP 6: Close and call your friends for moving day.

We’ll take care of the underwriting process, the title report, and all other details in regards to closing.  We like to say that we’ll drive the Limo while you sit in the plushy seats in the back.

‘Cause trust us, you’re going to have enough on your plate… like deciding where the big screen will go or what color to paint your brand new bedroom.


We hope this helps!  And as always, we’d love to partner with you to help you and your family find the perfect house.  Give us a call any time!



The Christian Mortgage Mom