Happy New Year!  It’s 2019, and the majority of us have made New Year’s resolutions. Some of the most popular include losing weight, spending less and saving more, and spending more time with family.  And we all know, as much as we want to accomplish all of them, it takes effort.

We can’t help you with all your resolutions – but we can help you with some.

Here are some tips to help you save money and help you end up happier when you’re moving.


  • How to Save Money: when you save for a down payment, we generally recommend saving 20% — this will help you avoid Private Mortgage Insurance, or PMI. This is a premium you pay to protect the lender should you default on your loan.  Create a budget based on the homes and location you’re looking at, and then sit down and look at what you can set aside for your timeline.


  • Spend more time with Family: find a home that you love. This means a balance of finding a home that you can afford, so you aren’t stressed and trying to overwork to pay the bills, and also a home that meets your family’s needs.  Maybe a fenced in back yard is a must, but 3 bathrooms isn’t – only you can decide that.  Look at flow of space rather than size – could you see your family living here?  Having a game night?  Making dinner together? Those are the important questions.  Home is where you spend that time together.


  • Be happier: not to start this by talking about ourselves, (believe me this is about you) but most of us here work here for two reasons – we love people and we’re good at what we do. United Faith Mortgage is a Christian mortgage lender who doesn’t only take the easy cases. I’ve seen people stay late combing through every option, and celebrate when they help someone land the perfect home for their family because of it.  We have a lot of advantages from being a direct lender, so we’re able to give you the same powerful help as big names, but on a first-name, small-team basis.  Give us a call – we want to see you happy and spending time with your family in your new living room.


Hope your 2019 is off to a great start!  We’re here when you need us.




The Christian Mortgage Mom