The holidays bring lots of hosting, and lots of time in the kitchen.  And maybe you don’t have the time or money right now to do a big makeover for the kitchen of your dreams – but there are still one or two little things you’d love to fix up.  We’ve gathered some quick kitchen updates that can help!  Most of these can be done in a weekend too.  Look out, hosting world!  We’re about to dig in!


Update 1: Cabinets

One of the most noticeable kitchen updates is to replace your cabinets – it can transform a room.  But never fear, you can do the same thing without purchasing all new cabinetry.  Simply try a coat of paint!  My parents recently did this, and the kitchen went from dark wood to light gray, and felt a ton more airy!  If taking everything down and sanding and painting seems excessive, try just updating your hardware.  It’s simple, and it does more than you think.

Update 2:  Backsplash

Backsplash is supposed to be pretty, right?  But there’s a lot that’s… less than pretty.  One of our favorite quick kitchen updates is to grab a pretty peel-and-stick backsplash and slap it directly over your current one!  Super simple and easy.  If you like your backsplash, but there’s a mislaid tile or something not quite right, try putting a cute sign or vase of flowers in front of it.

Update 3: Add some color!

It’s easy to feel a little wary of bright colors, but they really bring a kitchen to life sometimes.  Try buying new curtains or that bright red KitchenAid mixer you’ve been wanting. It’s just like accessories, but for your kitchen.  And it doesn’t even feel like you’re doing an update – it just feels like Christmas!


These are some of the most common quick kitchen updates people choose, but there are so many more!  Let us know if you have a favorite thing that worked for you.  We love it when people LOVE their kitchen – it is the heart of the home, after all.   And if you’re still looking for the perfect home kitchen to host your family in, give us a call!  We’re always here.




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