Even if you’re not hiring someone to stage it, that doesn’t mean it should be a step you ignore! Staging doesn’t have to be overwhelming or incredibly expensive – your home can look like a million bucks, and you don’t even have to tell your friends that it was easy. So, here’s a few easy and cost effective tips to stage your house.


  • Focus on the light.

People are looking for open, bright spaces. Keep the window shades open and bring in as much as much natural light as you can – but after that, you’ve still got options if a room seems too dark. Add a few more lamps where needed.  Take out some furniture or accessories to make it seem less crowded. Throw some light pillows or a throw blanket to brighten it up.


  • Add plants or flowers.

Adding plants or fresh flowers can make the home seem much more welcoming and fresh.  Add a bouquet on the dining table or kitchen counter, plants and greenery in the living room or bathroom.


  • Remove and rearrange furniture.

Look at the furniture pieces you have in each room. Can anything be removed to make it feel more open? Can it be rearranged?  Look at how things flow.  In a large room like a living room, focus on creating places for people to sit and chat.  Don’t be afraid to make smaller places to gather or reading nooks!


  • Pick accessories wisely.

Simplify and minimalize when it comes to décor and accessories. Cut down on clutter and keep personal items to a minimum.  Create a focal point where you can, with pieces like the mantel in the living room. Think about how a buyer could look at the room, and where their eyes would land.


  • Create movement.

Buyers are looking for open spaces. If you have a closed floorplan, you can think about taking out a wall, but if that’s not a possibility, don’t fret! Try taking out the doors between rooms to emphasize the flow and space.


We hope these tips help you feel confident as you stage your home! And a final tip… your pictures make or break your online posts. Bring in a professional if you can, and make sure your photos look bright and clean!  And when you’re looking for a lender, give us a call – we’d love to help more!




The Christian Mortgage Mom