We love fall!  The golden sunshine, the cool nights, and the way it makes us want to get cozy. It also makes us ready to change up our living space and bring on the fall decor. But if you’ve been flipping through interior design blogs and wishing you could change up your entire space without breaking the bank, never fear!  We’ve got some simple ways to transform your home on a budget (or in a time crunch, because we know how it feels when your mother in law comes by unexpectedly.)

Fall decor ideas to make your house cozy…

  • If you wish you could get new furniture, try grabbing new pillows instead! Try switching out your brighter summer colors for richer colors for fall or winter.  Try maroon or blue crushed velvet, or dusty greens and blush for a more muted splash of color. If your space is more inclined to neutrals than rich colors, grab some beige textured pillows, faded gold, or mocha.
  • Would you like some fall decor, but you’re not really into all the orange or bright colors? We’ve got you. Try taking some greenery and small white pumpkins. You can turn them into a centerpiece or table runner for parties, or dress up your mantel. Add a few candle votives and it’s quite classy! Check out an example here.
  • Rearrange your furniture! We like to make things open and airy in the summer, but moving things around to create more cozy corners is perfect for the fall. Pull your sofa in, make a reading nook in the corner, add a knit ottoman, throw a blanket over the chair – there are lots of simple ways to totally change the space without even buying a new piece!
  • Scents help. Candles are awesome in the fall, and help warm up the room as well as helping it smell amazing. One thing my mother always did was have a pot of spiced cider or wassail simmering on the stove – it smelled amazing and was always handy to offer guests just in from the cold! Here’s an easy recipe to try that’s pretty close to the one she made – just add love.


Hope these tips help your fall decor come together exactly as you imagined!  Sip some hot cider and let your creativity flow.  And if you’re looking for a new house to fill with cozy memories, give us a call!  We’re a Christian Mortgage Lender that puts faith and family first – and helping you get the perfect home is what we do best.




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