Getting ready to sell your home can be stressful, and if you live in an area where young buyers are looking, you may not know where to start. Fear not!  Here’s a few helpful hints to get your started and set your priorities!


Fix the little things. It may seem small, but the cupboard that squeaks, the door handle that jiggles, the wobbly ceiling fan or the upside-down switch make an impression.  Even if it has no implication on the integrity of the house, a buyer will often automatically wonder what else is wrong, or broken, or old. Making upgrades like new light switches or a new faucet are small but make the entire house run smoothly on your open house!

Small Tech Upgrades. This especially can attract a young buyer. Small upgrades like USB outlets in the kitchen and common areas will stand out immensely when they think about hosting guests and playing music from their phone, etc. It shows that even a quainter house can keep up with their lifestyle while giving them the cozy living space they’re looking for!

Smooth and Paint. Pay attention to the small patches and dings in the walls. Make sure things are filled and sanded out, and if you can add a fresh coat of paint!  It will make the house feel new and upgraded even if you didn’t touch much else.  Try to lean toward lighter neutrals, which can attract a wide variety of buyers.

Declutter. Keep your décor choices minimal. Look for clean lines. Less is more when it comes to attracting young buyers, but also lets any buyer imagine their own personal style within your home.

Update hardware.  The kitchen is a big selling point in any house, and you’d be surprised how much new hardware can make a difference, even if you can’t replace all your cabinets. The same goes for the bathroom!


We hope these ideas spark your own creativity when it comes to staging and selling your home! And if you need a lender, give us a call. We’re faith-based and family-focused, just like you. We’d love to help!




The Christian Mortgage Mom