FHA Financing

If you’re a first time buyer,
United Faith Mortgage knows two things you need: simple answers to seemingly complex questions and accessible information for decisive decision-making. We understand that without much of a credit history your credit score may be low. Consider a US Federal Housing Administration (FHA) loan with United Faith Mortgage as your best option for a low down payment. With financing goals, the possibilities are endless.

How it Works
The FHA loan is a government-insured program that allows first-time buyers to participate in the process while still avoiding any major setbacks in the home buying experience. There are multiple advantages to acquiring an FHA loan. Some of the biggest benefits to taking an FHA loan is consumers with lower credit scores are still eligible, and are only required to put 3.5% down on their mortgage, all while getting a low fixed rate.

Conventional Financing

We also offer conventional mortgages – with less provisions than an FHA loan and no MIP.  If you can make a large down payment, then you may be able to eliminate your monthly mortgage insurance payments. Conventional mortgages help you pay less – even if the interest rate is the same. United Faith Mortgage can help you select the best financing option for your home.