Spring is one of the most popular seasons to buy a house.  Listings spring up, the weather is better, the grass is greener… you get the picture.  There’s both pros and cons if you’re planning on buying a house this spring!  Here’s a few things to expect:


  • The weather is better. If you’re driving around with your family, the roads are safer, and walking around the yard and up and down the street is easy.  When you are buying a house in the spring, you’re also more likely to see what the neighborhood feels like, as people will be out and about.


  • There’s more inventory. Spring is the prime time for sellers to put on an extra coat of paint and a sign in the yard. That means there may be multiple options in the neighborhood you’re looking at, so make sure to check around.


  • It’s easier to see the home’s true condition. Issues with things like the roof, air conditioning, or water collecting in the yard are often covered up by snow, but much more evident in the spring.
  • You’ll have to make a decision quickly. Since buying a house in the spring is what a lot of buyers prefer to do, it means that houses don’t stay on the market as long. If you love a house, you probably won’t have the luxury of hesitating on an offer.


  • There’s more competition. There’s usually more houses for sale in the spring, but there are also more buyers. In which case, you may not be able to get the bargain or timing you’re looking for – so stay flexible and know what you want as you head out to shop the neighborhood!


  • Negotiating isn’t as easy. When you are buying a house in the spring, you can assume there will be more buyers. Because of that, sellers can be more confident that someone will place a bid close to what they are asking. With that, comes less wiggle room for negotiation.


We wish you the absolute best as you look for the perfect home for your family! And if you’re looking for a lender you can trust, give us a call.  We’re a Christian Mortgage Lender that values the same things you do.





The Christian Mortgage Mom