Spring always has us wanting to make a change. At the same time, spending a ton of money isn’t often an option.  You too?  Here’s some spring décor hacks we’re considering….


Switch out your pillows!

This is a spring décor hack that will take less than 5 minutes and requires no actual craft skills or youtube tutorials. Score!  One of the things I love to do when seasons change is switch out the pillows on my furniture.  Winters call for warmer, darker colors, like greens and reds.  But if you switch those with a couple of blue and white pillows and add a light throw over the back, you’ll change the whole feel of the room. Spring has sprung!


Add a Splash of Greenery

I love having fresh flowers in the house for spring, but they don’t last forever.  Try getting some greenery and letting it dry!  Putting it in a white vase still feels fresh, and requires zero maintenance. An easy favorite of mine is eucalyptus. It smells like spring which goes along great with our spring décor hacks list, and it lasts forever.


Spray Paint / Contact Paper Magic

Have you ever heard someone say on your favorite home show, “It has great bones”? Same thing when we shop at the thrift store.  Or look through our attic, for that matter. So here’s the thing – there are a lot of vases, trays and other pieces that would look great with just a little TLC.  Try painting them all white or all black to give a modern, clean look to older pieces, or using contact paper (like white or black marble!) to add a bit of glamor to a piece.


Paint the Inside of Shelving

Paint the inside of shelving to give it new life!  If you have an older bookshelf that you love but feels a little bulky, try painting the inside of the shelves white to lighten it up. Or go for a fun bright color if that’s more your vibe! You can paint the whole inside or just the back. You’d be amazed at the difference!



One of the things I attempt to do in the spring is to open up space and minimalize the things I have out. While I pull furniture together and have more books and blankets out in the fall and winter, in the spring I tend to place furniture for a more open space, and I try to have less on my shelves and tables. It keeps the space airy and open.


We hope these little spring décor hacks help you get excited for the change of seasons!  And if your family is in a bigger change of season and you’re looking for a new house and not just new décor, give us a call. We’re a Christian mortgage company that’s faith-based and family-oriented, so we will listen to what’s important to you and your family.  Looking forward to hearing from you!




The Christian Mortgage Mom