12 08, 2018

Moving to Nashville: City Highlight


Whether you’re pursuing music, following the scent of fried chicken, or relocating with your family – Nashville has so much to offer!  We recently “moved to Nashville” when we joined the WAY-FM family here, and we must say, we love it. So we thought we’d share a few highlights on Nashville. You might just want [...]

Moving to Nashville: City Highlight2018-08-12T16:09:20+00:00
2 08, 2018

SUCCESS: Apply for a Mortgage


How do you successfully apply for a mortgage?  What do lenders look for?  We get it – it can feel like a new world.  Whether you’ve done it before or not, here are a few tips on how to set yourself up to be a great candidate! Keep money in the bank. Basically, lenders want [...]

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19 07, 2018

What to Do with Your Mortgage Insurance


Private Mortgage Insurance, or PMI, is the insurance you pay on a loan when you have a low down payment. This is to protect lenders and investors from defaults on a mortgage loan. You typically are required to have mortgage insurance if you put down less than 20% of your home’s purchase price.  That’s why [...]

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11 07, 2018

Managing Your Credit – Tips to Better Credit


Managing your credit is incredibly important in many aspects of life, but it is also one of the biggest factors in whether or not you can qualify for particular mortgages.  Managing your credit well is one of the best things you can do to prepare to apply for a mortgage (or get a better mortgage!) [...]

Managing Your Credit – Tips to Better Credit2018-07-11T16:15:57+00:00
29 06, 2018

Fireworks and What They Mean to Us


The Fourth of July is almost here… and to us at United Faith Mortgage, it’s about more than just fireworks.  When we watch fireworks, we think of summer.  We think of brats on the grill and little feet running through sprinklers.  We think of friends and family and the big picnic blanket we lay on [...]

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28 06, 2018

Minimum Down Payment – What You Need to Know


We get a lot of calls asking about the minimum down payment for different types of loans.  So we thought we’d spend a little time on minimum down payments and how to set a goal for saving for your down payment. For conventional loans, the minimum down payment required is usually 5% of the home’s [...]

Minimum Down Payment – What You Need to Know2018-06-28T15:53:17+00:00
12 06, 2018

Moving with Pets


Moving is always a little chaotic, but moving with pets can just add another level.  Want to make the move with as little stress on you and your fur babies as possible?  We’ve got a few tips to keep things running smoothly.   Prep an Overnight Kit.  Just like you pack one for yourself and [...]

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7 06, 2018

How to Budget for a New House


Creating a budget for a new house can be hard – budgeting for the grocery still can throw me.  But we all know it’s important to understand where our finances are at in order to make wise decisions, especially when it comes to a big purchase like a new home.   So here’s a few [...]

How to Budget for a New House2018-06-07T13:47:59+00:00
26 05, 2018

When to Call a Mortgage Lender


When do you call a mortgage lender?  You’ve decided you’re going to buy a house – then what?  If you’ve never done it before, it can seem up in the air on when to call a mortgage lender and start the actual “process” beyond the idea that you’re moving. WHEN TO CALL: Maybe you’re thinking [...]

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24 05, 2018

Unpack: Tips to Make Yourself at Home


Unpacking can take time, but it doesn’t mean it has to feel like you’re living in limbo.  With a few little touches, you can unpack and still feel settled.  Here are some tips we’ve gathered to help you feel at home while you unpack.   Pack a suitcase like you’re going on a 3 day [...]

Unpack: Tips to Make Yourself at Home2018-05-24T10:25:50+00:00
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