If you’re like me, you love the crisp breeze, golden sun, and changing leaves at the turn of the season – and tomorrow is the first day of fall!  Get excited!  To embrace autumn to the fullest, it’s fun to switch up your wardrobe… and your interior design!  But if you’ve been flipping through interior design blogs and wishing you could change up your entire space without breaking the bank, never fear!  We’ve got some simple ways to bring fall décor into your home on a budget, or a time crunch.  And it certainly won’t look like it.


Easy fall switch ups to make it look like you decorated:

  • New pillows! Try switching out your brighter summer colors for richer colors for fall or winter.  Try maroon, blue crushed velvet, or a darker version of Pantone’s Color of the Year… violet. OR, if your space is more inclined to neutrals than rich colors, grab some beige textured pillows, faded gold, or mocha.
  • Do you love having a bouquet on the kitchen table, and you don’t have the heart to put your favorite vase away? For fall décor, try grabbing deep red and yellow flowers, or grab
  • Go vintage! Fall décor trends really lend themselves to vintage pieces that capitalize on the richness and elegance of the season.  Pull out your grandma’s silver pitcher or those cute ceramics you found at the thrift store.
  • Love plaid? Fall décor is your excuse to embrace it!  Go beyond the flannel shirt.  Try a plaid blanket tossed over your favorite reading chair, or a runner on your table.
  • Rearrange your furniture! In the summer we love things open and airy – fall is a great time to make your space look entirely different.  Create more cozy corners, pull your sofa in, make a reading nook in the corner, add a knit ottoman – there are lots of simple ways to totally change the space without even buying a new piece!


Hope these tips help your fall décor come together exactly as you imagined!  Sip some hot cider and let your creativity flow.  And if you’re looking for a new house instead of just new décor, give us a call!  We’re a Christian Mortgage Lender that puts faith and family first – and helping you get the perfect home is what we do best.




The Christian Mortgage Mom